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What is is a free, searchable apartment database created and maintained for the purpose of collecting, classifying and displaying statistical information about every managed apartment community in the United States.

Why was created?

After years of involvement with apartment locating sector we saw a need to create a free, publicly available apartment locating database that does not have limitations common to commercial apartment locating sites.

What geographic area does cover? is a nation-wide project and is aimed at collecting and displaying apartment community related information across the United States.

How many cities and properties does your database include?

Currently, contains apartment-related information on over 3000 cities and over 35000 apartment communities.

Who are the people behind this project? is a project led by Image and Image.

Why do you think you are qualified to undertake such project?

For 7 years (1999-2006) we were key developers of one of the best known apartment locating sites in Texas. We are no longer associated with that Texas company, but having built an on-line apartment locating system from ground up we realized that there are a number of limitations that are imposed upon a commercial apartment locating company.

How do I search for an apartment on your site?

Select a state, then select a city. You will be given an option to search for an apartment within that city and surrounding areas.

What data does your directory contain? collects and displays data relevant to apartment rental communities such as addresses, types of units offered, current rent, etc.

How often do you update your data?

Some properties are updated daily, others might chose to update monthly.

How accurate is your data?

Even though we try to manage our data properly and strive to make it as current and relevant as possible it is still as accurate as our sources. Naturally, when it comes to specific information it is better to contact a specific apartment community using the phone number we provide for each property and verify the data for yourself.

How much do you charge apartment communities to be listed?

There is no fee what so ever to be listed on our site. We are interested in collecting and displaying information about every single apartment community in the United states we can find.

How can a management company update multiple listings?

Please review Listing and Managing Properties.

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