List and Update Properties welcomes property managers of any level interested in listing and updating their multifamily apartment community information.

Listing Costs and Other Charges is a free informational resource and there are no costs associated with listing a property on There are also no apartment locating comissions, or referral fees. In short, your property listing on and any customers you get through that listing will not cost you a penny.

How to Add or Update Your Property on

Whether you want to add a new apartment community, or to update a property that is already listed, please request personal access to our database. Click here to request access to add or update property information on

Automatic Updates

If you have a large number of properties to update you are welcome to provide us with your apartment community information in a form of an automatic feed. We prefer intudstry-standard MITS XML formats, but will gladly work with any structured feed your management company has readily available.

Please direct your inquiries to Image

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