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Even though there are countless apartment-locating sites on the Web today, there are very few that are fast, user-friendly, thought-through and informative sources of apartment related information. Most of currently available apartment-locating sites are highly commercial in nature and ether charge apartment communities for hosting their listings on-line or request a locator commission when a web site visitor signs a lease.

Needless to say that not every apartment community is willing to pay for being simply displayed on-line on somebody's web site. Moreover, over a half of apartment communities in the US don't pay a locating commission for various reasons. This makes those communities (however interesting they are for potential residents) unattractive for any commission-based web site which in turn results in those properties being filtered out and hidden from on-line visitors.

Project Objectives

We challenged ourselves with developing a free, searchable, easy to navigate apartment database covering the entire United States. The aim of EveryAptMapped.org is to eventually collect and display the information about every apartment community in the US. Most importantly, we are a FREE informational resource and display any apartment community information no matter whether a specific community pays a referral commission or not.


EveryAptMapped.org is built utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET technology as well as our proprietary methods of database design and access.

Data Structure Background

EveryAptMapped.org is built upon Multifamily Information and Transactions Standard (MITS) data standard. MITS data standard is a voluntary, industry-wide data exchange format developed under direction of the National Multi Housing Council. This data standard is making it easy to exchange property information between interested parties. More information on this effort is available here (external link): MITSproject.com

Contact Us

If you have any site-related inquiries or general questions please feel free to contact us at Image. If you are a management company and would like to provide us with detailed information about your properties please review Listing and Managing Properties.

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